Pointy Toed Shoes...In or Out?

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  1. personally i think they're classic and still love ALL of my pointy shoes:heart: ...and i don't understand when people are like "they're ugly, they're painful and they don't look good on anyone."

    can someone enlighten me? what do you think about pointy toed shoes?
  2. I still love them and still wear them.. They do look a little painful, but they are not really painful if you find a good pair that fit you well.
  3. exactly...you spend $30 on a pair of shoes, you get what you pay for! painful shoes that don't last long :smile:
  4. I have some pointy shoes that are actually quite comfortable. It's all in how they fit your foot. I love them, and don't think they ever go out of style. A stylish black pump with a tapered toe and moderate heel will always be a classic.
  5. I love pointy-toed shoes! Worn with long jeans or pants, they elongate your legs and make you look taller!! (I'm 5'7" but want to be taller!!)

    Plus, IMO, they're just more slick and polished than round toed shoes. Round toes look clunky to me.
  6. I love pointy shoes. They're classic and sexy. :love:

    I also love round toe shoes. They're more girly.
  7. I love pointy toed shoes, lol. Still wear mine and I dont care what anyone else thinks, I think I look good in them. I agree with sonya about round toed shoes, theyre very girly and pretty!
  8. I'm with you on that one, and i'm shorter then you. so all the extra help i can get i'll take. Not to mention jeans these days are always so long on me i have to wear heels.

  9. I love pointy-toed shoes!!! I think they're ideally for women with slimmer feet. I know that when I get pointy-toed shoes, I can get a half size down because I have narrow feet. But I definitely think they are a classic and everyone can find one that is suitable for them. I just don't like it when some women have ones that don't fit them, and their feet are falling out the sides.

    I'm beginning to love the round front shoes too, they make your feet look dainty and small!
  10. I'll always love pointy toe shoes. classic.
  11. a sexy classic. and whoever tells they are out so let it be. even when noone else is wearing or producing them in the future i will get them specially made as they just look good on me and that is all i care about
  12. Pointy toes aren't going anywhere. They've become a part of the fashion vernacular by now. Other styles will come and go but that doesn't make pointies obsolete. I love round toed shoes but it's not a one or the other kinda thing.