Pocket Agenda Cover in Monogram?

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  1. Hi, I'm looking for an agenda for awhile, I bought the PM before, but it is way too small to write, but MM seem little big to carry it everyday. I'm thinking to get a Pocket Agenda Cover, its kind of sit in between the size, it's maybe a good choice.

    If you have one, do you like the size of it?
    Any alternative for the refill? I really don't need a thick book! I saw some people used it as a wallet, do you like it that way? Thanks!

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  2. Anyone?
  3. I was contemplating the pocket agenda (for planner use) too...when I went to see it in person, the size was a tad awkward for me in regards to using it as a planner--only because I tend to write a lot in my planner and it was a tad too thin (in terms of writing space) for my preference. The refil that LV sold was nice, but since it was thicker, the pages didn't stay open, which was something I didn't like. If you use your planner for more of an "at-a-glance" type thing, I think you will be happy with the pocket agenda. I think I'll still end up getting the pocket agenda to use as my checkbook holder though! I ended up getting th LV monogram notebook cover in the PM size (I'm not fond of the rings in the regular agendas) and I just use an A6 size refil for it (right now I have a San-X (I love Japanese stationary) refil in there but I have a hobonichi on order to see if I like that better. Hope this helps a little! :smile:
  4. Love mine! I switched from the PM and am so happy to have a slimmer, no hole punch design with no loose pages (works best for my personal style and lifestyle though I love how creative people get with the ringed agendas!)
    I don't think the refills are too thick- I use the LV ones so am not sure of alternatives. Here's some pics! I have it in damier graphite. Perfect in a small bag! Good luck with your decision. :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465152218.569681.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465152263.975032.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465152278.813605.jpg

  5. Hi, I'm curious how you fit the A6 agenda in the PM note cover, could you show me a quick pictures, please! Thanks!
  6. I have a DG one and use a Scully blank notepad (1008BL) for my to-do lists. The pages are gold-edged but the cover is ugly so I tear it off. I love using it this way!

    Montblanc also has a calendar refill that fits.


  7. Hi! Thanks for the info re alternative to LV refills. Love the DG in this piece! Enjoy.
  8. Agenda twins! :lol:

  9. Yay!
    🤓Finally this piece is getting some love from TPF!! :smile:
  10. Okay... I think I'm ready to place the order for the Pocket agenda cover in monogram. But should I buy the LV Refill, or I should just grab a cheap pocket calendar from the book store and tuck it there in the meantime, since it's June already, I don't want to waste half of the book blank.

    Any idea? I currently using my old Filofax with 2016 refill.
  11. I had to cut the cover just a tad but it still fits ok. I suppose I should have done a better job at cutting straight but oh well. Don't judge me! Lol

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  12. See the post above about Mont Blanc refills- looks like it fits the PA perfectly. It may be worth it to spend a little extra to get the LV if you can't find/don't want an alternative. (6 months is still a lot of use I think).