Pochette Wallet or Koala Wallet?? Help!!

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Pomme D'Amour Pochette/Koala Wallet??

  1. Pomme D'Amour Pochette Wallet

  2. Pomme D'Amour Koala Wallet

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  1. I'm currently yearning for a new wallet in the Pomme D'Amour color.. but I'm torn between the Pochette Wallet and the Koala Wallet!! I have the Groom Compact Wallet and a Mono Mat French Wallet. The BF bought me a Gucci Continental Wallet in the past and informed me last night that he likes long wallets 'cuz they're sexier (?!) (oh, and also because he hates folding bills). I had initially wanted the Koala Wallet because it looked small and cute, however I've noticed other PFer's saying the the lock will get scratched and etc.. I also didn't like the coin section. It seems terribly small, and although I try not to carry much change, sometimes it can't be helped (the excess coins, that is :sweatdrop:) and I'm afraid it'll stretch out the coin compartment. With all that said, it would seems as if the Pochette Wallet would be a better choice, yes? :shrugs: But I'm also afraid that the Pochette Wallet might be too big... :push:

    Input, please?
  2. My vote is for the Pochette Wallet.
  3. I vote for the pochette wallet too!
  4. for sure the pochette wallet !
  5. I like the pochette too.
  6. pochette wallet!
  7. I love the pochette wallet!
    And Sophia, I LOVE the avatar-TOO adorable...is that a Bichon? It looks exactly like my dog who passed away a couple of years ago.
  8. I think I am the only one who likes the koala
  9. not a fan of the closure. the pochette on the other hand, mee-yow!
  10. pochette!!
  11. pouchette!
  12. Pochette Wallet
  13. I prefer the pochette wallet too:heart:
  14. I kinda like the Kaola
  15. koala!!