Pochette Questions


Nov 16, 2009
Ok so I'm kind of a neat freak (the first step is admitting it:P) and like to have my bags really organized.

I've read and seen people on here use mini pochettes to organize some little stuff, but I was wondering is a full size pochette too big for most bags?

Or is it because the mini has a chain while the full size one has a leather strap so its more awkward in a bag?

Please help :smile:


chic, en noir
Jan 6, 2010
Maybe buy a mini AND a full size pochette, that way you'll have one for larger items and one for smaller items and you won't have to worry about stuff rolling around loose inside your bag. Plus, you can use pochettes in many different bags, and if you have both sizes, you can have one for large bags and one for smaller ones. This is what I would do if I were buying pochettes as "organizers" or "removable compartments".


Jul 29, 2009
It depends on the size of your bag - I use two LAMB cosmetic pouches which are I think larger (top to bottom anyway, if not widthwise) than the regular LV pochette.

My LAMB ones don't have a strap, which I think would be irritating if you are only using it for organization (but I think the LV strap is removable, isn't it?)

I see a lot of women near where I work who use a regular size LV pochette for their essentials (wallet, phone, etc.) and only take that to lunch and leave their big bag at work.
Nov 9, 2010
I use two regular size pochettes & the leather strap hooks onto the ring in my NF or any of my LV bags, I even use them in my other designer bags, there great little bags & ideal if you just want to take your phone & a small purse, I just grab it out of my bigger bag & go.


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Feb 9, 2010
Depends what you want to keep inside. I use a mini pochette and I can easily fit lip balm, mints, earphones, etc - even my phone inside. I wouldn't have the use for a larger one, but if you need the extra space I think that would be totally fine for using inside a bag too, provided of course that the bag is large enough!

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Mar 26, 2008
I have both sizes: mini and regular. I use my mini for my Nintendo 3DS, and my regular for all other stuff that doesn't fit in my makeup bag or pouches. I try to stay organized but my bag's a wreck. The pochette is a must have item imo.