pochette or pti walllet fit into

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  1. any of the lv bags pockets? i just bought a pochette wallet- i love it- pomme, stunning- but it doesn't fit into any of my bags' pockets! i hadn't planned on that... if you have one of these wallets, what do you do? (esp. w/an open bag, like bh?) thanks so much!
  2. I have the pochette I usually just put it at the bottom of an open bag but not many of mine are open so it's not much of a problem
  3. I never put any of my wallets in the pockets, just down in the bottom. The BH isn't hard to maneuver because it's mostly under your arm and you'd definitely feel if someone got into it while you were carrying it. Also, when it's not on your arm you can just clip it at the top to make it harder to get into.
  4. I always place my wallet at the bottom of my bag if it's open and then I'll place my other stuff on top. If I'm carrying a magazine or scarf, I use that to "cover" the top so I can feel if someone was fishing into my bag. BTW, congrats on the new wallet. I'm sure she's stunning.
  5. My pochette wallet either falls onto the bottom of my bag flat, or stays vertical the way I put it. I think it won't fit in any pocket with the exception of the zipped compartment of the passy or something huge like that.
  6. hmmm... well I practically never have a wallet on me, so I have no probs lol, but when i do take my pochette wallet out, it's just somewhere down there in the bag
  7. thanks! i'll just have to get over not putting it in those pockets... or get a fp... :smile: thanks so much!!!