Pochette Metis Strap

  1. I have been looking to buy a monogram strap for my Favorite MM for a while but it's never available. I found on Fashionphile that a few Pochette Metis monogram straps have been listed. While I'm looking to purchase one of those, I can't help but wonder how or why those are coming available. Why would someone sell their Pochette Metis strap? Does anyone have an idea why people are selling them?
  2. They bought a comfier Bandouliere strap. They're 10x's better for comfort imo.
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  3. I agree, those straps can be rough on the shoulders and dig in if the bag is too heavy or you have been carrying it around for a while. I sold all of my PM bags but bought the bandelier strap shortly before I decided to sell them. I currently use the bandelier strap with my Triangle Softy.
  4. Thank you, that makes complete sense. :smile:
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  5. I can tell you I am selling my reverse monogram strap because I prefer my regular monogram strap for both of my PM (mono and reverse). I have never used the reverse strap. I also use a black leather strap on my reverse.
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