Pochette cosmétique as a clutch?

  1. Anyone use the pochette cosmétique as a clutch on occasion? :idea:


    I've seen it in LV ads being held like a bag, not as a makeup bag. I'm just wondering because I've had one for a few years and have used it exclusively as my everyday makeup bag - and I'm wondering I should branch out. :wlae: Could work, no? :confused1:
  2. If you can carry all you need in the cosmetique, why not? I saw Jo from The Real Housewives of Orange County use it as a clutch for one occasion. I've also seen poche toilettes used as clutches, too. There's nothing wrong with that...as long as you use it, who cares what anyone else thinks? :smile:
  3. I think it would make a great clutch.
  4. It would be cute. My friend bought the damier pochette cosmetique or whatever it's called to be used as a purse.
  5. I could definetly work. :yes:
  6. Yes, I think so. I have an epi one ("dauphine") and use it as a clutch.