Pochette Cles vs. Mini Pochette

  1. So, I was planning on buying an Azur Mini Pochette from Elux at the end of Feb when they get them in stock. But Elux has right now an Azur Pochette Cles. Does anyone have both a mini Pochette and a Pochette Cles? Can you tell me (besides the obvious size difference, I can see that on Elux) any differences, and what can you fit in the Pochette Cles vs. the mini Pochette? I mostly would be using it inside my Speedy 25 to hold lip gloss and such. I'm not much of a clutch person, and when I do use a clutch I only need 1 lip gloss, license, and cell. Recommendations?? Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  2. I doubt your cell & lipgloss will fit in the cles. Sounds like you should go for the mini pouchette. It is so cute...not big at all, but bigger than the cles for sure.
  3. Yea I think I am going to hold out for the mini. I just wish Elux would get it sooner, I'm tired of waiting and the nearest LV is too far away LOL. Oh well. Thanks!
  4. And the mini pochette does not take up too much space even if you don't use it as a clutch. It was meant to be an accessories pouch.
  5. I got the azur mini today. It is soooo cute. Def. get it because it is more versatile than the cles. I'll try to post a photo of it in my Speedy 25 for you.
  6. The Beverly Center Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills, CA had them last week. You can call 1866vuitton and ask them to have one sent to you.
  7. Thanks rileygirl, that would help a lot. I am so bad at visualizing measurements. I would like to be able to use it as a clutch if needed.
    Thanks for the suggestion savvyblonde, that would solve my anxiousness!!
  8. Get the mini pochette. Theres no way you will be able to fit a cell in a cles.
  9. Yeah a cles is basically a little coin purse with a key ring attached.
  10. My cles is nearly full with some cash, ID, 1 cc, and a few quarters so I definitely don't think that a cles could fit a cell phone- but good luck on getting one!
  11. OK sounds like Mini Pochette it is! Thanks everyone!
  12. if you want a cles ,than go with the Perfo...biggest cles there is...if not, the mini pochette is SO MUCH more useable than the cles. i have both, and i put my cles into my mini pochette! LOL!
  13. yup, get a mini pochette. you can fit your cellphone (if it's tiny), lip gloss and cles inside :yes:
  14. mini pochette is nice to use as clutch and cosmetic case.
  15. Yeah for what you're planning to put in it, the mini pochette would be better.