Pochette Accessories-Lots of Pics of differences in canvas, ect btwn "made ins"

  1. Many have wondered about the difference of "Made in.."'s Now, I'm not sure if the difference can be attributed to where its made or just difference batches of LV's but yes, either way there is a difference. because of my obsessive nature and wanting to share the experience with everyone else... here are pics! It took a long time so Enjoy! :yes:

    Pochette Accessories - Made in USA (2007) vs made in Spain (2006).

    Differences from these 2 particular bags: The made in Spain tab is of a higher quality. Look at the smoothness of the tab and even threading. The Made in USA tab is a bit bumpy and the threading is not done as well which can be seen from the front and back.
    Spain front/back:
    USA front/back:

    The gold hardware is of a difference shade. (The darker gold is Made in Spain)
  2. [​IMG]

    There is also a difference in the canvas. The Made in USA is a slightly darker brown color, less textured, more shiny, and the LV monogram stands out more. The Made in Spain is slightly lighter, more textured,and the mono does not stand out as much. The difference is noticable in person but if you look closely at the pictures you might be able to see the difference. You can definitely feel the difference with your hands. Can you tell which one is which? :p
  3. Answers: The one made in USA is bottom, bottom, left.
  4. Do you have a pic of the USA tab front side?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Now it makes me want to look back at my bags and see if there's a difference in quality (stitching).
  6. wow. TWO mono pochettes!
  7. Yes. Sorry, copying and pasting was making me :wacko: It is now edited to show the Made in USA front tab!

    Theres actually more differences but those are more natural variations such as who it was sewn by such as the more completely closes the bag on one, the length of the zipper that hangs of the end of the bag is longer on one, one is sewn so it is more squished on the bottom (so the area on the bottom is more narrow), the slope on one is smooth (by the bottom corner) while on the other the canvas is slightly bumped up.

    Many of these differences are small things 90% of people wouldnt notice or care about but its interesting to see the sheer number of differences.
  8. wow, thanks for posting. i have bags/accessories made from france, usa & spain - makes me want to go look at all of them really closely :smile:

    OT, but kuuipo - the pictures of your family are gorgeous!
  9. i appreciate all the time and detail going into this. i'll look at all my bags in a different way now as well.
  10. Those are great pics, they need watermarkings or some creep may steal them to con people.
    Thanks for posting these, this question seems to come up often & it's nice to actually have a visual.
  11. I don't knwo how to watermark and my computer is old so its considerably slow. Is it easy to do?

    Btw, which one do most people prefer? =P
  12. There is a difference, but the difference is too minor to discount the USA item as being poorer quality.
    I even noticed a slight difference between the "brightness" of the monograms on my made in France vs made in Spain pieces.
  13. Ooo, which one is brighter?
  14. The made in Spain one seems brighter. The LVs and fleurs show up more on the made in Spain canvas.
  15. The gold hardware one is very different. It would be a good idea to watermark these photos since they could be scammy eBay photos for someone!