Pochette Accessoires/Mini

  1. Hello, I don't know if anyone can help me, I'm trying to find either a pochette accessoires or a mini PA so i can use to keep wallet/iPod/Phone etc together when i use a big bag.

    Anyway I'm rubbish with eBay as I always give up after getting put off by all the fakes, any help would be greatly appreciated

    TIA x
  2. im no help to you right now as i don't have one to sell, but i hope someone does for you! maybe lvgodiva. shes always got something.
    BUT.... i love the pic on your avatar! is that you or what?
  3. Haha, yes that's me:blush: , thanks, ur very kind
  4. how much are you wanting to pay?
  5. You can buy LV bags online on louisvuitton.com website in the UK...it's just one day delivery..
  6. Be more specific on what you want (color etc) and I'll try to find you one on eBay, it I dont have one stowed away somewhere. Also you can get them authenticated from carol diva for a small fee if you find one on eBay you like.