PM Agenda - defective

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  1. Sooo upset! Recently bought a PM agenda in mono and already something wrong with it. I was initially given one that was MIF but glazing on the side was not done properly so I opted for MIS as glazing looked amazing and took it home. Filofax order came in tonight, I had tried to put the calendar in and tried to close but bottomlever came off... See the pic. I am so greatful that I had not personalized it yet or I wouldnt be able to return or exchange. :sad:.. So bummed that I need to go back to store.

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  2. That's a long time problem with the agendas. Bring it back, they ll exchange it for you.
  3. Oh is it? I had no idea..will definitely return.
  4. Same thing happened to me. According to the SA, this is not uncommon. However, it's an easy fix. I've enjoyed using mine!
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  5. I tried to fix it myself.. But it keeps coming off. LOL
  6. Happened to mine, too. They exchanged it no problem. My new one's bottom lever is kind of loose now, so I'm waiting for it to fall off sooner or later. Sigh!
  7. I bought the trunks pm agenda and had it shipped from the boutique. I was so excited to receive it but as soon as I tried to open it, the end piece fell off. They exchanged it by mail with no problems
  8. This happened to my PM Vernis agenda the first time I opened it, too. My SA exchanged it for me for a brand new one on the spot. I haven't had any issue with my new one in the year and a half since I got it! Good luck!
  9. Happened to me as well. They exchanged it on the spot. Hasn't happened since. I read somewhere to use the clips to open it but push on the rings themselves to close it. Shouldn't happen either way, but this has worked for me.
  10. Happened to me when I was actually in the store trying to decide whether I wanted one or not.
  11. My pm agenda's bottom end piece is loose but the top isn't. Is this normal? Any insight would be appreciated. Oh and it hasn't been used. Thank you
  12. Did you fix it yourself? Or is it repairable by yourself?
  13. No. I took it to LV & they sent it off for repair.
  14. Thank you for your reply.
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469807561.082826.jpg
    This is the part I am asking about. Can someone PLEASE take a second and tell me if this is normal for the bottom tab to be loose. My top tab is not loose.