Plz hlep me find the light beige with GHW

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  1. Hi Girls

    I suddenly fall in love with the beige color. I'v called few place but no one Jase it. Could you plz let me know where I can findthe light beige in either medium or jumbo with GHW.

    Million thanks
  2. ^I got mine within the last month from Bergdorf.
  3. I've suddenly taken a strong liking to the light beige color as well, but with SHW. It really goes with everything!

    Good luck! :smile:
  4. me2, saks have 2 for now, but i think neither is good.
  5. You can try to call NM in Bellevue 425-452-3000. I saw one about 3 weeks ago. Good luck

  6. what's wrong with them? chanel would still sell the bags even when they are defective?
  7. Try Kayla at 714 824 4668 (Bloomingdale in SC). Someone from here gave me her info and I just contacted her today. They just got a LARGE shipment of the m/l size flaps but I am not sure that colours they have...I got black. Now on the wait list for JUMBO size.