Plum Maggie has arrived

Jul 25, 2007
Words cannot describe how I feel about this bag! I knew from the first picture I saw of this bag that I needed it in my collection, but I had to weed out some others first, and now I think I am done for the moment. Ebay steal at $250 shipped NWT and wrappings still in place. Also a pic of plum and lime Maggies, and finally a group shot of my ebay wins from the past month or so. Every one a great deal and really helped to complete my current collection. Collection pic to come soon, I promise!


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Jul 25, 2007
Thanks! Now I just have to cut the tags off and use one of them, lol. Only the Kristin has been used from all those bags - I have a real "cut the tag" phobia. I think I should probably use lime Maggie and gray Julianne soon as to me those are warmer weather bags, but right now Im still using my trusty MFF Heritage Stripe Satchel!

Aug 22, 2009
Lemme tell ya, I have REAL issues removing tags from my bags but the moment I got my bordeaux Ali, OFF the tags went! lol
And this may make you feel better - I still have tags on my grey Julianne - and I got her about 9 months ago! Yeah, I've got issues, I know........
The lime Maggie really is a perfect color for summer, get to those tags now! lol


Coach Obsessed ...
Aug 22, 2007
Awesome! We're bag twins!!