Plum clutch (Mave?) on sale at BG...

  1. I wish it was another color since I just got a plum mahala.
  2. Is that the plum in the picture or cognac? That price sure is tempting.....must not think about it though! :nogood:

    That bag needs a loving home, someone get it! :p
  3. I may be mistaken and it is kind of late for me, but I think they are 50% off in the :choochoo: boutiques :confused1:

    I will be chatting with Casey tomorrow and double check, but I am pretty sure they were part of the list or I am just getting senile :push:
  4. Robyn - they are on sale but I called Chicago last week and they couldn't find any. Casey wasn't in and I know she can work miracles so you may have better luck!
  5. starbuxx anytime you need anything and Casey in not in, just tell Roger or Lynne you are a PF'r and a friend of mine and they will hunt for anything you need, hold it and then have Casey get back to you to get all the shipping info :tup:

    They :heart: love us Pf'r Girls :yahoo:
  6. robynbenz, can you please double check to see if this cluch is 50% off in store now, cuz I really really want one. Thanks
  7. I sent a request to Casey this afternoon to do some checking for me. I asked her to look for the plum first and the sage as a second choice. I'll let you know what I find out, but you might get better results by calling her and asking her to check the computer and ordering it over the phone :tup: