Plssssssss help me to choose!!!

  1. The one I saw at soft n chain~~I reallly really like it..I think it can be everyday bag~~

    But I still want to get a navy jumbo in patent since I could not get 2.55 reissue in patent. (Jumbo can be everyday bag? I have a little one-5 month old...some ppl are saying that chain is too that true?)

    What shall I do?
    blue.JPG DSC01170.JPG DSC04820.JPG
  2. i got the one in the middle!

    join the club! she's gonna be sooo fab. i think soft and chain is too delicate for daily use since it's obviously lambskin ('soft'). if you're worried about the chain, IMHO, i suggest you should get the 2.55 on the extreme right. the chain is fab and it's light in weight, unlike the traditional chain :smile: and it's unique as it's a reissue plus the gold h/w (i have the same one but in black anni. edition OMG TDF!) is just so so so awesome! you can use it for day and night because it can look casual yet dressy at the same time!

    let me know what you've decided ;)

    xo, C
  3. love the middle one too!
  4. hmmmm
    Jumbo with stroller.....funny??? :smile:

    1. Blue soft n chain for everyday bag and wait for 2.55 reissue (maybe next year???)

    2.get Navy jumbo(who knows that chanel will reproduce 2.55 in patent?)

    3. Any suggestions??

    Thank you for helping me..
  5. I have the jumbo navy patent as well as the black patent reissue with gold h/w. I love them both. The blue soft n chain is gorgeous but too delicate for everyday use. :smile:
  6. I adore the bag in the middle too - it is exquisite. Let us know what you decide!
  7. ^ you can find the patent reissue on eBay, there are quite a few online recently. either that you could call NM or Saks to check if they have stocks. usually they might, so no harm giving it a try. anyway, the 2.55 patent is actually a reissue , in patent, and it's very fab if you're getting size 228 cause i think it doesn't have the inner flap, like the jumbo. i'm not sure for the reissue, but the jumbo doesn't have double flaps, so it's alot more convenient to take and put your things.

    xo, C
  8. i saw pic somewhere jessica alba carried the bag no 1, it looks gorgeous..
    the color reminds me of balenciaga 05 turquoise...
    of course the jumbo is classic and reissue is gorgeous too...
    good luck..
  9. Jumbo or reissue in patent.
  10. the middle one! the color is gorgeous!
  11. I love that black patent flap.
    I am not too crazy for the first one, mainly because the chain strap always pull my hair when I take the bag out from my shoulder. Besides I feel the chain is too big , and it didn't feel comfy on my shoulder.
    Good Luck with your decision!
  12. i love the middle one - with gold h/w - i love navy and gold together
  13. the blue soft and chain is not ideal for everyday because it's lambskin. I vote for the navy patent jumbo classic. Maybe you can get the 2.55 next season.
  14. patent navy jumbo - so beautiful, i just saw it yesterday at NM Palo Alto and was drooling over it..
  15. i say go for the middle one as well. I just love the look of the navy patent! let us know what you end up getting.