Pls Help :-) Rebecca Minkoff Blue/Blk MA bag or the Blk Basket Weave one?

  1. Does anyone out there have the black and blue leather Morning After Bag by Rebecca Minkoff, or has anyone 'handled' it up close and "purse-onal"? Same with the MA Black Weave MA bag. What do you guys reckon is the better bag, the black/blue MA bag or the Black Basket Weave MA bag? - see links below. Thanks, I cannot make up my mind :girlsigh: Or maybe you have other suggestions... (click on more views to see best photo...)
  2. I don't have either of those bags, but I do have a sage w/ sage stamp that I got from the sample sale, which I think should be very similar to the black/blue bag except for color. I posted pictures here:

    I wasn't sure how I would feel about the stamp detailing until I saw it, but I think it's actually really nice. I also like how the stamping is on the bottom of the bag, too. I think it adds nice contrast.

    I also think the black w/ basket weave looks beautiful, but I haven't seen it in real life. I have read that it is not actually woven, but a design in the leather to look like weaving. I imagine it is probably similar to the stamp on the other bag, which is more than just a design, but actually adds texture to the bag.

    I'm not sure if any of that was helpful. It's a tough choice to make!
  3. Hey Sarahsar!!! Fancy seeing you here!!!

    I love the basket weave but decided on a Matinee after all.

    Interesting about the basket weave....that I didn't know. It's gorgeous though. I think I prefer the way the Matinee can be carried....also the's more rounded and less boxy.

    That being said, they're both fab can't go wrong with either!!!
  4. They are both great bags, and I don't have either exact bags, but have a black stamp nicki and the basketweave charcoal mini from I LOVE the blue stamp MA but my fear would be it is not as versatle as the all black one. However, have you seen theire is a black/black stamp morning after at blueheaveboutique?

    Don't mean to make your decision even harder ;)

    Also, the basketweave on my charcoal mini is not actually woven, but is embossed - you have to look very closely to tell.
  5. The black with the black stamp is really very nice.

    I have to say that I really thought the weave was "woven" as opposed to embossed. That is a bit disappointing. It's still a nice bag though.
  6. Does the Black/blue suede Matinee have gold or silver hardware on it???
  7. On the RM website it appears to be silver, but don't quote me on that.
  8. Hey thanks for all of your input - that is fabulous ! Some great suggestions too. I love the Matinee bag but I'm thinking that for work, the MA bag would be perhaps more suitable (it can apparently fit a lot). I should technically stick with black (yes, maybe the black stamp on black one, or the weave one...) but I still like the variation of the blue stamp. Hard to tell if i would get tired of that though. Will keep reading the blogs and getting more info until my mind is made up :girlsigh:Cheers, sues x
  9. Seems the second link not working anymore. Does anybody know where i can buy the Black Weave MA bag, but not pre-order? Love the bag so much - cannot wait at all....
  10. I really like the black/blue combo. I like that it's unusual - you won't see other bags like it.
  11. i loooove the MA bag with basket weave.
  12. I really like the black with blue stamp. The blue stamp adds pop to the bag and something different.
  13. I have the black w/ blue stamp..I was debating on whether or not to get it at first but I love it! Soccer mom is right. It's different. you see black bags all the time. If you're spending the money, make it something worth while. Not only is the bag well built, but the color combination is something you dont usually see.

    I'm all for the black w/ blue stamp
  14. I still haven't made a decision yet. I got distracted with other things...
    But I agree - the blue stamp on black is really cool. I have a feeling though that I'll end up getting something very plain because i don't have the funds at the moment to have a collection of different types of bags. One day though...:girlsigh:
  15. I think there's a few mini MA black basketweaves on eBay at the moment and from the dimensions, they are not 'mini' in the mini sense. Or, label has some coming in at the end of this week and if you ask them, you can get 36% off...