Pls Help! Need Zucca Chef Bag Clarification....

  1. I need help! I am looking for this Zucca Chef bag. I found this one on Neiman thats exactly what I want, but Im not sure of the size.

    Here it is called "Medium" and when I called they told me the measurements were: 12.5" across, 3" wide, 7.5" high with a 7" strap drop. the price is $970

    I went to the Fendi store today to see it in person, and they only had two sizes. Small which looked exactly the same, with front flap, but the price was $630.

    The larger one was with no flap, and it had a zip top. I didnt get the retail price but Im sure it was well over 1k

    I want the largest size available but WITH the flap....

    My question is, is there really a difference between the "small" they had in the store, and the "medium" on besides the price? I cant imagine NM would mark the bag up that much if it retails at the Fendi store for $630... But the Fendi people had no idea what a "medium" chef bag was, or why it would be selling on NM for $970.

    I dont get it? Pls help! Is the NM bag bigger then the one I saw in store? or are they the same with differnt retail prices?

    if anyone can help me clarify id greatly appreciate it!
  2. I don't think Neiman Marcus would mark the bag up like that, either. These luxury goods brands usually set the price and the big department stores at least follow it. Why don't you just order the bag from Neimans, and return it if it isn't what you want?
  3. Jomashop has 2 sizes, both with a flap it looks like. Here is a link to the larger one: Fendi 8BR436 Chef Zucca Brown Womens Handbag They have proven to sell authentic bags to PFers, why don't you try the large one they have and save some dough? Just a thought.;)
  4. Im finding different prices for it the more I look...

    At least now I have some style numbers to go by:

    Im seeing that 8BR445 - is around $670 so that might be the smaller one I saw in the store

    8BR436 is coming up anywhere from $840 to 419$ but the dimensions are much differnt 15" across 10" high, this seems like a larger version that I was looking for...

    Does anyone know?

    Also.. is jomashop and authentic?