Pls help me pick up new LV

  1. My hubby will go to Europe next week and will buy me one LV handbag.
    I'm choosing between 2 items, manhattan PM and black MC priscilla.
    Please help me by sharing idea about advantage and disadvantage of these two items.:sweatdrop: :yahoo:
  2. more people have the manhattan,
    and i think that the black mc priscilla
    is cuter!
    early congrats on whatever you choose!
  3. I vote for Manhattan PM :love:
  4. Tough decision... Both are really cute bags.

    My vote is for the Manhattan PM. With the Manhattan, you have the 2 front pockets, compared to the Priscilla with only 1. The Manhattan seems a bit more spacious. With the Priscilla, you have a bag that's vivid and has a bit more unique-ness to it... but then again, the canvas will fade over time...
  5. Both beautiful thats for sure, but my vote is definitely for the Manhattan PM, it's so classy! :yes:
  6. I'd go for the Manhattan PM. I'm a classic mono lover!
  7. Welcome~ i guess it depends on your handbag collection? if you already have something handheld in mono/damier, then i'd say go w/black MC pricilla, if not, i'd suggest go w/Manhattan PM.
  8. Manhatten PM:yahoo:
  9. My LV's collections are
    - ceries speedy 25
    - denim baggy PM
    - white mc sologne
    - damier speedy 30
    - mandarin soufflot
    - black mc shirley
  10. Check out both bags in the nearest LV store so you can try it on you..But I think Manhattan is a very classy bag,a day to evening bag.I love mine coz i can dress up or down with it.MC Priscilla is bulky and very mature looking esp the black IRL.Plus i don't like the bag's opening.i don't know i tried it and it seem so hard to put things in and out of that bag.
  11. Manhattan PM.
  12. I like the Manhattan better, but probably the GM more so than the PM. So my vote is for the Manhattan! Looks trendy and sophisticated at once.
  13. I love the priscillia, it's gorgeous the first time I saw it.
  14. Manhattan PM!!!
  15. You're in need of a Monogram Canvas bag!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: