Pls. help me for purchase chanel in paris!

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    Who can tell me that what is the patent of each chanel handbags? And how many size of each patent? And how much the price in euro at france? And which's store in paris that I can purchase?
    chanel1.JPG chanel2.JPG chanel3.JPG chanel4.JPG chanel5.JPG
  2. One more pic. of last bag that I want to know. And I have looking for one patent like the last pic.patent but the size is smallest but I don't know the patent name and I can't show the pic as well. Who's the professional of Chanel bag, HELP ME PLEASEEEEE! Thank you very much.
  3. ??
    I think you may be misusing the word "patent"?
    Patent, in regards to Chanel would be it's license or the type of leather finish on a bag.
    Do you mean "ligne"? Ligne is the style name/group.
  4. Swanky - i've been watching your little smiley guy for the past 3 minutes and I cant figure out what he's doing.... is he just holding his breath?
  5. he's flexing his big muscles :biggrin:
    Vlad snuck it in when I wanst looking. . . don't have the heart to change it !LOL!
  6. I think the poster meant "pattern" ?
  7. You'll have no problem getting the last one, as they are everywhere in Paris. It's timeless classic flap. They make it continuously just like most Louis Vuitton bags.

    The five bags from your first post are all seasonal bags. You would not find the red one or the bronze one in Paris now. The others... Maybe, depending on when you would be in Paris.
  8. Dear All!

    I misused the word "patent" in the post. I'm the foreigner who isn't use english language as well so it makes me miscommunication. I have to apologize to you all. And thank you for your advised.

    From the post, I'd like to asked the name of each "model" such as "classic flap", "reisue", etc.

    I'm new user for chanel brand. I have not any info. of them in my brain. So I'm trying to learn more and keep your advised to my mind. Thank you again for your kindly recommend.
  9. why dont u do a search? just type in paris or france... there have been many posts about buying from Paris. your best bet is to give one of the SAs a call and they can advise you on which bags are available.
  10. can try fanbourg, just made an order from there, and it's min. 2 bags order, but no prob for you since you are getting a few.

    I've pm u the number and who to look for. :smile:
  11. no problem w/ the translation!:flowers: We have a lot of international friends here:yes:
    The thing is, you're asking a lot of questions; 6 different bags, their available sizes, prices and which stores have them.
    There's 2 threads w/ Spring/Summer photos and names in them, look through those and look at our thread IceEarl so kindly posted for you.
  12. Dear All!

    I really thank you for your advised and any commended. :smile:
    I called to SA today, She very nice, i got more info for any different style of each. :sweatdrop: :tup: So I could decission to purchase already. I will get 2 bags : 1st as Classic Flap bag lamp 10" silver chain and 2nd as smallest size gold chain from her in next 2 days :woohoo:

    "Swanky Mama Of Three" : Don't angry me pleaseeeee! You are a nice guy in TPF for any consulted :heart:. I am a little poor girl for 1st chanel shopper. :love:

    "foxycinderella" : thank you for your info. It's very useful for me. I called already. :okay:

    "IceEarl" : Thank you very much. It's very useful info to me. I used it for make me decission. :tup:
  13. Did I sound angry? I'm not at all!:nogood:
    Just trying to help!
  14. 55555 :lol:
    I really appreciate your helpful. I fell good to be a member of this site. It's make me get in trend of fashion bag without LV. Because I normally used LV only but i have chance to know other brandname ex. chanel , bbag from here. So I paid more money for purchase them again :crybaby: but I'm very happy to get them :sweatdrop: :love: