Pls help me find RM MAB in Wine

  1. I NEED the RM Matinee in Wine, theres only one site that I know that has it. Its at full price so before I bite the bullet and buy it I'm wondering if anybody has seen it maybe at there local Nordstroms or NM on sale because my locals ones don't carry RM. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. I gather you're referring to Muse Ten????

    have you tried Label360???? They've got a sale right now 36% off.
  3. Are you looking for the Matinee or MAB (Morning After Bag)? If Matinee, Active Endeavors has it, and so does Delcina. I think AE might have a discount code floating around somewhere, if you do a search in the D&S Forum. I hear Label360 and Luna Boston can special order colors they don't have in stock and will still honor discount codes.

    *Edit: Whoops, nevermind, I noticed that AE left the wine pic up, but they only have the glazed almond in stock.
  4. Sorry I meant the Matinee. I was referring to Delcina. Muse Ten doesn't have anymore in stock, I also called to see if they were getting anymore in and she said no. I already called Label360 and I went to Luna Boston and both said they weren't able to get anymore in that color.:sad: I'm so bummed
  5. Hmm, I'd go with Delcina. They have a grechen code that is still applicable and if you don't live in California, they will not charge you tax, and all in all, for such a hard to find bag, thats a pretty good deal.