Pls Help Me Decide

  1. I can't decide which color should I choose for my 2nd balenciaga. My 1st and only balenciaga is white city. I'm thinking about blue balenciaga for my second purchase. Any recommendation of which blue? :confused1: *pls post pics of yours of you have* :rolleyes:

    Oh, for the size, I have decided to go one size bigger than city .. so maybe office/weekender. PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE !!!!! :shrugs:

    Thanks !
  2. marine!:smile: nice all year round shade of blue (in my opinion)
  3. I have the Work size (x2) and it's perfect.
    They both get a lot more action than my city.

    As for the which blue I think that depends a lot of your wardrobe. The French Blue is totally yummy but so are the older Blueberry and Cornflower. The paler blues and ones with green in them don't really work for me.
  4. Here are some older blues. You might want to wait a few more months since the fall colors will come out starting in August and earlier for the preseason ones and there will be a blue for FW07.

    I uploaded periwinkle (07), french blue (07), blue india (06), blueberry (06), cornflower (06)
    07 Periwinkle First.jpg 07 French Blue Coin.jpg 06 Blue India City and Part Time.jpg 06 Blueberry Work.jpg 06 Cornflower Twiggy.jpg
  5. Below are pictures of Blue City's from 2005 in Turquoise, Indigo, Teal, and Sky Blue. Then a Turquoise Twiggy. The 05 Turquoise is one of the prettiest blues made by Balenciaga in my opinion. From the new season French Blue gets my vote as the prettiest blue. Aquamarine has been compared to 05 Turquoise but when I had the chance to compare my Turq to it, it seemed closer to Teal than Turq. I have a French Blue Matelasse being delivered tomorrow and I will add photos here when she arrives. I hope this has been a help.
    IMG_7765.jpg 12-08-06-2006.jpg IMG_4937.jpg IMG_6146.jpg img4240fu0.jpg
  6. I'm definately an advocate of Bal blues!!

    Some of my favorites are Marine & Blueberry... I had Indigo & Ink as well, but sold those because I didn't find them as wearable.

    They have so many gorgeous colors out there though - you can't go wrong with any of the Bal blues! I hope to eventually get something in Turquoise 05 & Cornflower on down the road....

    First pic: 07 Marine City & 06 Blueberry Mini Bowling
    Second pic: Dearly departed, 05 Indigo City & 06 Ink First

    Also, for size I like the City - but I really like the Part-Time for work/school occasions (not everyday for me... I see more of those in the future. :graucho:

    Edit: LOL... Deana & lebagfairy beat me to the punch...
    Blueberry&Marine.jpg BalenciagaIndigoInk1.jpg
  7. There is a gorgeous Indigo City on eBay at the moment. I would definately recommend a blue for your second bag! Blueberry is awesome. Cornflower is pleasant too :tender: Lebagfairy - LOVE the blueberry Work!

  8. Bag4bubbles : i also vote for blueberry or marine.....jhehehhee

    otherwise, indigo 05 or cornflower will be another choice.

    If u don't mind brighter colors, aquamarine is another popular color too
  9. I have a White City and this Blueberry City ... two of my favorites!!!!
  10. bagdizzy, thanks for your opinion :smile:

    hmwe46, I'll definitely go with work size, love it already :smile: Thanks for your opinion

    deana, bags4bubbles, lebagfairy, kdc, thanks for sharing the pics ..what a great collection you guys all have :woohoo:
  11. I really like this color so much. Can I still get this particular color from the retail bbag store/ any authorized dealer? I know that many colors has been discontinued.

    Do you think this one in eBay authentic? I'm so scared buying things in eBay because there are way too many fakes.