me choose one

  1. I just want to own on nice prada bag....I can use all year round...
  2. sorry hit the enter key

    here are the pics
  3. No 1 :tup:
  4. It would greatly depend on the colors you wear the most. I would go for either 1 or 2.
  5. I'm biased since I own #2. :rochard:

    The hobos (1 & 3) are both large bags so unless you are into HUGE bags, #2 would still be your best bet. I've got modeling pics of me with my Teak Brown Easy Pocket that I posted. I think it was in May. Feel free to search it up. ;)
  6. Thanks for your input.....
  7. I like #1 the best. For some reason I'm drawn to it.
  8. thanks Prada Pyscho
    I see you pick the one I am thinking to purchase.
    I wonder if the black one has the zipper on the other side.

    Very nice pix.
  9. I vote for one, because the shape is nice, and I love the color :heart:
  10. I have #1, and it is phenominal. I would recommend that one, but keep in mind, I am biased and have never seen #2 or #3 in person.
  11. I love the look of number 1, you cant go past that 'antique' leather, yumm! personally i think its a better buy, looks far more beautiful and 'designer' than the other 2 hehehe :p
  12. I like hobos and I love that antik finishing. But I've heard that it scratches easily? Might not be an everyday bag. #2 will be understated and everyday. #3 like the shape but not fond of the colour.
  13. #1!!!
  14. I vote #1!!!! :tup: