Plots / Storylines / Things that Bother You in TV Shows

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  1. List them here!

    Okay, I'm really glad Gwen left Ethan after the, what, 500th time she caught him cheating on her. I used to think, "Ethan's her husband and Theresa should just leave him alone." After she left I thought, "Yeah! Gwen doesn't have to put up with that crap anymore!"

    So Gwen leaves Harmony. At some point she returns and confronts Ethan and Theresa about everything. Ethan and Theresa act like she's completely out of line, like she has no right to be upset after everything that happened.

    After the whole "Who is Jane's Mother?" thing in which Theresa gloats to everyone that's listening that she is Jane's mother, not Gwen, Jane is hardly ever talked about, except when the words Gwen and Jane are mentioned in the same sentence. Then Theresa fires back with, "Jane's MY daughter!"

    You know how there are some children that have a toy and act like they don't even care about it until another child makes a move towards it and all of a sudden it's, "That's MY ball!"

    . . . Yeah.

    (And I'm overlooking the fact that Jane is blonde and looks so much more like Gwen than Theresa.)

    I don't hate Theresa. I just think she and Ethan are idiots. Gwen was the only sane one, because she left.

    The whole time, when Ethan was married to Gwen, he kept telling Theresa that he loves her and his heart belongs to her but he has to stay loyal to his marriage vows.

    Ladies, if you're involved with a guy and he tells you he adores you and his marriage is crumbling but he can't leave just yet, RUN!

    After Gwen leaves Ethan, you would think they would get together, right? Well, you forget this is a soap opera so nobody can be truly happy.

    Ethan and Theresa can't get together right away, because Theresa is blackmailed into marrying someone else.

    Once the blackmail situation is over, they're finally free to get married. But the only thing standing in between them and marital bliss is a little secret. Everything would be resolved if Theresa just told Ethan this secret. Of course, she just positively CAN'T because she doesn't know how he'd react.
  2. 7th Heaven

    I find it a LITTLE disturbing that everyone knows everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) about each other. If they don't know, they spy or endlessly ask questions until they figure it out. It's a running joke that the Camdens have no secrets from each other.

    There's something to be said about having things that are just yours.
  3. Well - This may be a little off the question...
    but I HATE when commercials come in louder than the program I'm watching.:cursing::cursing::censor::rant:
  4. ^Haha, that happened to me last night just as I doozed off.. scared the :censor: out of me!
  5. Hmm.. the one thing I hate is how sometimes the characters have NO common sense whatsoever!!

    I was watching this movie on Lifetime and this girl knows that someone is out to get her. So she goes out to a parking lot all by herself.. ohh she hears a noise.. let's go find out where the noise is from.. oh I see a shadow of someone holding a knife.. I think I'm going to just stand here with my mouth open.. BAM someone pops out.. AHHH girl screams as if it's the last thing she was expecting.. somehow magically escapes and runs away.. whole cycle starts all over again except this time in locker room or an empty house.
  6. I don't like it when an actor plays one role and then reappears later as another character. It has happened on Friends, Gilmore Girls (that's all I can remember now...). It always drives me crazy to see the actor and think, "Hey, that's Phoebe's brother!! He's the same guy who mugged her in one of the first seasons!" Or, some variation obviously.
  7. I did love it though on 'Felicity' that the characters were constantly commenting on how no one ever locked their doors in New York City-- it was a way to cut out time from a scene by not having to have someone get up and answer the door. But, at least they acknowledged it.
  8. Yes! Like how the current ADA on L&O:SVU was a chic with a strangling fetish who raped a man a few seasons earlier.

    (who are you talking about on Gilmore Girls? I honestly can't remember)
  9. Back to Passions again . . . . just before Ethan and Theresa were about to get married, Ethan had the gall to talk to Gwen because Theresa was worried she would do something to spoil their marriage. Understandably, Gwen's upset and predictably, Ethan has no clue why she's so mad.

    Hmm . . . . is Gwen possibly mad because Theresa has, many times, tried to come between Ethan and Gwen's marriage and has actually succeeded?

    The Simpsons
    There was an episode where Bart injured his wrist. Because he was unable to do anything else, he accompanied Lisa to her favorite jazz club and discovered he was good at the drums. He was so good, in fact, that Lisa's favorite jazz musicians asked Bart to play with them.

    I can understand Marge and Homer going to the concert, because they want to support Bart, but why is Lisa there? Wouldn't Marge and Homer be just a little bit more sensitive to the fact that Lisa would be very upset over Bart taking over something she loved?

    Family Guy
    I don't like all the stuff the Griffins put Meg through. They're so mean to her! It started off as a little funny, and now it's just cruel.

    If you took off Meg's hat and glasses, she looks like Lois, except with brown hair instead of red, so why is Lois considered to be a fox, and Meg is considered to be completely hideous?

    I love how she's standing up for herself a lot more.
  10. I don't know if this bothers anyone else, but I hate the bad voice overs on the Bravo network reality shows! They don't even try to blend them in. It drives me nuts!!! :wacko:
  11. Ameka: Okay, I watch too much t.v. I had a feeling that someone on GG was an actor who had played another role. It was Sherilyn Fenn. She played Anna (Luke's ex/ April's mother) but....a few years ago, she played Jess's father's girlfriend in the California episode which was supposed to be a spin-off.
    I am a loser.
  12. I hate the predictable storylines of Hollywood blockbusters....
    and in the chickfliks.....There is this girl, single or in a relationship, she wants to get the man of her dreams, meets by accident another guy but at first they don´t get along at all.....and finally they realize they are madly in love.....
  13. General Hospital:

    This Everyday Heros storyline with Sam, so fake!!! And now Jax on a goofy ship somewhere getting beaten up is pretty lame. I mean if your gonna make a ship at least make the door handles look somewhat nautical LOL. And Lulu with this Logan guy ick he gives me the creeps.

    But for me the worst has to be....

    Young & Restless:

    Nikki, former stripper, with ZERO business experience running for state senate. That was so LAME I couldnt even watch it. I mean that storyline was pathetic.
  14. So do I. I understand the advertising rationale behind the practice, I just find it annoying and generally objectionable.

    I have another off the question one - the proliferation of icons on the screen during shows. It started out with a few small ones, and occasionally useful things like a crawl line on news stations.

    But now it has gotten ridiculous, with those moving mouse cursors on one side and HUGE promo icons flashing, sliding, taking up more and more screen real estate and making it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the show itself.

    I think if it has not already, it will soon reach the point of diminishing returns, as viewers now have a lot of channels to choose from, and will simply start to click onto one that does not have as much screen garbage!

    My least favorite plot lines are the ones where they have a character do something like engage in some mild underage drinking or recreational drug use, suffer disastrous consequences, and loudly resolve that never again blah blah.

    If the show's producers or sponsors want to do a message show on this topic, there are plenty of realistic ways to do it without dissonant and obvious convolutions involving established and developed characters.