Pleated or regular Spy?

  1. I'm buying a brown Spy Bag, :heart: my first:heart: , but should I choose the regular og the pleated? I'm thinking of the horizontally pleated, the older one..

    Does anyone have this? How do the folds look after some time?:confused1:

  2. I've seen the pleated Spy. Don't think I've ever seen the horizontally pleated Spy. I think all the Spies are nice with the exception of the fur ones, but I think fur's what put Fendi on the map, so... Anywho, IMO, I prefer non-pleated. But, as I said, they're all nice. That's just my preference.
  3. Regular. I'm not a fan of the pleated
  4. I love the regular spys, the pleated is nice but I would go for regular every time
  5. Regular.

    I'm sorry, but I've seen very good fake pleated spies, but never a good fake leather spy. The bubbly leather of leather spies are a lot harder to imitate than pleated leather.
  6. I like the regular Spys. I'm not a fan of the pleated version.
  7. That's a good point, thanks! And lambskin must be more fragile..(?)

    But still, they look so.. slightly different!

    A lighter shade:rolleyes:

    But thanks for your opinion guys!
  8. I've never liked the pleated spies, but if you like it and can find one you should go for it! :yes:
  9. I'm not a fan of this pleated spy, although I do like the other pleated spy (all over pleat). I would go for a "regular" all over leather, a classic and will probably stay in style longer! :yes: I'm also looking at finding my first Spy bag, I can't wait!! :yahoo:
  10. There is a different pleated spy than the one pictured above. Some call it pleated, others call it corded. But you should search that one b/c it is amazing. But I don't really care for the original spy bags anymore!
  11. Oh... I think the regular lambskin leather ones are nicer. But I do like the one you posted in the dark brown. At first, I thought the pleats reminded me of some poor animals' guts instead, but after seeing the darker ones, it is more aesthetically appealing.
  12. Regular :d
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