pleated hobo; style#8B15 and G06S-F10205

  1. I saw the same style; pleated hobo with 2 different style# (as stated above). This can be seen on eBay as well.

    G06S-F10205 cannot be found from the drilldown however 8B15 is listed.

    According to a friend's friend;
    8B15: vintage leather and heavier
    G06S-F10205: soft butter leather

    The measurement is different as well; length is 11/13".

    Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you :smile:
  2. The F10205 would be a factory outlet specific bag which wouldn't show up on the drill down.

    From what I have seen, coach makes some bags that are "almost" the same as coach bags.. for the outlet stores.. same quality.
  3. If the price is almost the same, is it better to go for store bag rather than outlet bag ?
  4. exactly! well said :yes:

    if it were me, I would go for the cheaper one, I've seen both and they are pretty darn close
  5. Thanks court811:yes: I :heart: your cat, she is so cute

    Found a good deal on this bag (factory code) and I may get this only if I am not being fickle and eyeing the ergo tote as well :rolleyes: