Pleated ergo satchel in signature

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  1. hi everyone, I just came back from the coach store. I asked them when the pleated ergo was coming and they said it won't be in stores until end of April. The SA show me the signature pleated ergo with the kisslock(in the look book). It comes in khaki/bronze, khaki/chocolate and denim for $398..... a little cheaper than the leather and patent ones
  2. ewww.. no offense but I hate the bags that scream coach... I'll be passing on this one for now *sigh*
  3. I have actually just started to take a liking to the signature fabric. Everything I own up to this point is leather. I recently fell in love and ordered a signature tote. So, I am looking forward to seeing this one. It's like I have been awaken to something new and want to see all it has to offer.

    Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Khaki/bronze I think I'm in :heart:. I just got the carly in this color combo. I hope more colors come out in this bag. I just love it.
  5. Does anyone know if there are coordinating wristlets/wallets for this bag?
  6. Glad to here they are getting a denim one. I have a credit for 160.00 that I will be putting towards that bag. It would be great if a June PCE came out and the bag was still available.
  7. I have the denim signature stripe tote that was super from last year.

    Glad to see they're doing it in the ergo for the summer!
  8. I think I might have to buy the khaki chocolate combo. I love my khaki chestnut but Im looking for something different.
  9. Does anyone know the style number for the regular signature pleated ergo satchel? I called CS with the denim style number and they said it was only for the denim one so the siggy one is different. I don't know if I want the navy patent or khaki/chocolate....
  10. I just received my Denim Ergo Signature Satchel and matching checkbook wallet on Monday as a surprise anniversary gift from my husband, and I absolutely love it! I normally am not big on the signature collection, but this bag is is classy and casual at the same time, and will go with almost anything. It is a very nice size as well. My husband did great, I love it! :tup: