Please tell me this is real....

  1. Also the listing doesn't state what style it is, but I am thinking it's a Stellina?
  2. Looks authentic to me :smile:
  3. Yeah looks like a stellina to me as well..
  4. it has meomi :biggrin:

    it's real but i wouldn't pay that much for a stellina...
  5. Yup, looks real to me! Sooo cute! :tup: Congrats! And I could not agree with you more about Tokidoki being so addictive! :nuts:
  6. When I bought it I was thinking it was a Campeggio, but then I realized it was a Stellina....oh well. At least it's real. No more eBay for me for a WHILE! :nogood:
  7. ah, i guess that makes sense then.. yea there was an original campeggio a few days ago that i would've liked to win. sigh.
  8. i dont know about that 1 did you guys
    notice the 1 side is upside down
    i had a op stellina & it was not like that
    you could maybe ask the seller what the
    zipper says on the inside
    i have heard that if it says riri
    thenits real
    & all mine say that i got most of mine from
  9. One side is upside down because the fabric is one piece that wraps from one side of the bag all the way to the other side, like the bella and bella bella... I was looking on e-bay and other stellina's are like that too.
  10. The Stellina does not have a seam at the bottom, meaning one whole fabric is used to line the bottom of the bag. Therefore, either the left or right side of the bag will end up upside down. Unlike the Campeggio or the Cucciolo, where two fabric are sewn together at the bottom. Hope this makes sense. :smile:
  11. sorry it has been a while i didnt remember the bag being like that
  12. I was wondering about the upside down side since my Campeggio is not like that but I am glad to hear it is OK. :tup: