Please tell me more about an unusual (for me) item Coach F40933

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  1. My DD bought this recently at the outlet. It is unusual to me because of the style size & dimensions. I found a couple of auctions with it, but no other colors.

    Did Coach make many or other styles with this format? I like it because it is bigger than a regular french purse, but smaller than the traditional clutch wallet. The SA told me she had never seen anything like it before & it was their only one.

    The code number is F40933 B4/PH

    Thank you.
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  3. IIRC there was long envelope wallet in this style too but I could be mistaken.
  4. Thank you do you know if Coach made other wallets with these type dimensions, approx
    6" long by 4"' high?

    thank you
  5. Off hand I don't know, you might be better off looking through the reference gallery, or searching an online auction site... as I nor others will be able to easily just name off wallets that fit that size.
  6. I love this. Would love it in brown in the long checkbook siggy size. I didnt see these last Wed nite at my outlet. Im going again Sunday AM. Will look then i guess.
  7. We only saw the one sat the outlet, it was 50 to 55 ish after the coupon. I like it too.