Please tell me how much to pay

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  1. We're leaving for a 2 1/2 day mini vacation. I've asked my old neighbor girl to come over to let our dog out and feed/water her. She'll come over 4 times total.
    I have no idea what to pay her. Any suggestions or ideas?:shrugs:She just graduated from h.s.
  2. She's only coming over 4 times? $40-50 maybe? If something unusual happens that she has to handle while you're gone, add more.
  3. I would say $50 as well. If she were walking them or other things I'd say more like 80 but if it's just feeding them and letting them outside I say 50.
  4. When I used to pet-sit, I usually got around $20/day, depending on what was required of me.
  5. Thank you everybody. I had no idea and this helps so much.
  6. I would pay her $100.
  7. $50...n then a little pressie(choccies)