Please teach me how to spot fake Birkins on the internet.

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  1. Ok, so I have real Birkins from Hermes however I am still baffled by eBay - unable to tell real ones from fakes 100% of the time, as it seems to me that the fakes, it is possible are really quite good, at least in the photos. (I am sure that in person it would be like night and day, but photos are so different.) I am also concerned because my Birkins are recent, and when I am looking at eBay bags they are sometimes older so I wonder "perhaps that's the way they made them then, and now things are different". Now, I do not want to buy a Birkin on eBay, but I pride myself on being able to distingish real from not real, and would like to get some final difinitive knowledge as to how to tell, or a link to a place or book I can read and learn from.

    Has the letter for the year of the make always been on the right side under the strap and the craftsman ID on the left? Has the Hermes silver stamp always been silver? Can anyone send me a link to a fake and explain obvious ones, but a good fake.

    Eager to be an expert.

    Dark Red Birkin Front Open Hermes Paris stamp close up.jpg

    Dark Red Birkin Hermes Paris Stamp close up 2.jpg

    Light Red Birkin VERY Close up front .jpg

    Light Red Birkin Hermes Paris Made in France Stamp.jpg

    birkin stamp.jpg
  2. A of A, go to the Hermes Shopping section and click on the thread called "Authenticate this Hermes" and post your questions links there. This group is always so kind to help and give opinions.
  3. I don't think it's a good idea to put info here on why the bag is fake. There are many lurkers and this info can be used to produce fake "real-looking" bags.
  4. I second LaVan and isus and I sincerely hope no one will go into further detail here.

    But one important general thing to remember is NOT to rely on tiny discrepancies in the hardware, stamps, etc. (which it seems that a lot of people do and which it appears that you were asking about). You'll get a very faulty vision if you rely solely on these, as variations are the norm.

    You need to examine the entire bag as a whole. Try to get as many pics as you can (especially of the interior) and post them in the "Authenticate This" thread, where someone will surely be able to help you.
  5. ^^ Yep. The best way to foil fakers is to know/learn as much about the real thing as possible. Read the reference threads, watch the "Authentication" thread and become as knowledgeable as you can.

    Any discussions here following your request only helps the lurkers who are trying to trick us, weaken the brand, and steal our money (and - let's face it - steal money from Hermes).

    Mods, perhaps this thread should be closed? :shrugs:
  6. Please post in the Authenticate This Hermes thread. Thanks!
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