Please take care.....

  1. when shopping on eBay!
    I've just been searching for trivia for the LV trivia thread and came across some horrible fake websites I sometimes look to see what's on them to know which bags I need to be more careful about buying.
    I am amazed how up to date they are there is fake leopard, miroir, denim cruise and the charms from summer and sadly they are hard to tell the difference.

    PLEASE PLEASE when shopping on eBay be super careful even with new style bags I hate these fakers they suck!!

    One even sold fake store bags!! and said you would get a copy of the original receipt from the boutique
  2. Yes, it is quite sad about the "fakes". I know many people have had excellent results when shopping on eBay. For me, I prefer not to take the chance.

    Thanks for the informative post.:smile:
  3. Thanks for the heads up....actually when buying anything online, it's a buyer's beware market, you can never be too careful.
  4. Yeah thanks!
    A lot of times these people will also use pics of the real bags then send something horribly fake. Ugh. :cursing:
  5. :s It's really difficult buying on ebay now, that's why you're better sticking with the sellers you know - some of those fakes are really hard to detect. (lucky the authenticators here are so good)
  6. I know it's such a shame because there are some really good deals & sellers there :cursing: fakers make it so hard
  7. It is a shame to see all of the fakes on EBay, that's why I just ask here before I buy. It is fun to laugh at the funny fakes though.
  8. thanks label addict!:yes:
    when i opened this thread, i thought you were saying good bye....whew!:sweatdrop:
  9. It's depressing to see all of the new style fakes on eBay... :sad:

  10. Ha ha NEVER I'm here to stay!!
  11. Actually, eBay is doing a much better job of getting rid of fake auctions, IMO. I report all the blatant ones I see and they've all been taken off quickly. What amazes me is the stupidity of people bidding on styles that have never been made or are so blatantly "off". People truly believe they are going to get a "brand new" LV for half price or less! They don't even take the time to use all the resources of the Internet to just find pictures of a real one to compare with. How dumb can you be?
  12. I get really mad when I see fake LV's being sold on ebay!! And you see that people are bidding on them!! I just want to warn them!!! Beware!!

    Also, I hate seeing genuine LV items that are currently available at the LV stores being sold on ebay at an extremely high price - price gorging!! Makes me mad as well because if people just took the time to shop around, they could find the item at normal retail price!!! For instance the current PM Inclusion bracelets (transparent, berry, red) are $255 USD but you see them on ebay for at least a hundred dollars more plus shipping!!!!
  13. thanks for the reminder. at least for a little while, the ltd ed new pices were real on ebay! so much for that! the fakers caught up!
  14. Hate the fakes for diverting sales from genuine reasonable buyers.:yucky:
  15. It is shocking the number of fakes that are still on ebay despite their recent attenpts at cleaning up the site! Will they never learn. The fakers get their factories in gear immediately the runway shows are over, they keep so ahead of the trends it is disgraceful, there is a Dentelle wallet on ebay now even ahead of most stores!
    Yes it does damage honest ebay sellers, buyers lose confidence but if there is good feedback & this forum to authenticate there shouldn't be a problem.