Please report this seller!


    This eBay seller has been continously selling fakes and getting away with it. Currently they have 4 auctions up worth over £800.
    My big concern is that she is selling fake baby carriers, being as they are fake they have not had to pass any health and safety control checks and for the price they are sold they cannot compare to the ones sold through in the shops. I asking you please to help me report this seller, I am so worried a new mum would put her newborn baby in this carrier unaware of where it has come from!!!!:wtf::wtf::wtf:

    The black diaper bag also listed has the tell tale fake sign as the chinese controllo card is in the picture!:tdown:
  2. It seems all the auctions got pulled off. So that could be a good sign?
  3. Thanks to those who reported it her- she has had her auctions pulled but she is still registered! So no doubt she will list again!