Please recommend another daily bag to carry with my main handbag


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Feb 23, 2007
I either wear a Longchamp Planetes large tote or a BE Love Me or I'm Beautiful Midi. I think a BE Rock Me, Take Me Everywhere, or a Make Me Smile would work too.


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Sep 13, 2006
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you sound just like me!! They usually call me the "Bag Lady" at work because I always have my handbag/purse as well as a pretty good size tote that I carry a lot of the same things you mentioned (umbrella, a change of shoes, a book/few mags, an emergency kit from the office, etc)

I usually buy something inexpensive as it gets used and abused pretty heavily - I also like to change them out every 6 mos or so (depending on its current condition).

For a while, I was using the "My Bag Cares" tote bag ( it's large but lightweight and can fit on the shoulder. They also plant a tree in your name for every bag you buy! So not only is it an affordable, practical bag, you're doing something good when you buy one!!

I carried one of those for a while (I went thru two of them!), and now I'm carrying a Marc Jacobs "Special Items" canvas tote that cost me $28 ( I also bought a few of the Nylon Eco Totes ( ) which I use when I do my grocery shopping or need something fast & lightweight. There's also a reusable fabric Eco bag that works as a tote bag too (

I like to use something that's (1) a good size, (2) lightweight, and (3) inexpensive, since I use them pretty heavily and I don't have to worry about ruining it - if it starts to get worn out or I tire of the way it looks, I just simply replace it with another one!
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Feb 2, 2006
Thank you for everyone's great recs. Vesna, thanks for the pics of your bags. I love love love the pink and mauve YSL, its stunning, I love it, but may be out of my price range. The colours are gorgeous and is just what I am looking for.

iluvmybags - yes we sound alike. :smile: I liked the choices you recommended, especially the Marc Jacobs canvas tote as that is a good size for me plus its affordable. I am definitely a bag lady as to add to my main handbag, I also carry a gym bag - so all in all I usually carry around 3 bags a day :smile:

Thanks again for everyone's replies.


Dec 11, 2009
I second the Hervè Chapelier suggestion. Their bags are nice and roomy, come in many sizes and colour combos and the price is right for their value.


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May 5, 2006
Welcome to my world. I thought about the Herve Chapelier but settled w/ WANT Les Essentials. It's a different take on Longchamp Les Pliage.