please recommend a wallet

  1. Hi ladies, I was wondering if you could recommend a wallet for me! I've been using a Coach french purse for a few months now, but I bought it used and it's officially seen better days. I would like to upgrade to something a little bigger. I've checked out the Coach website a few times but I just can't decide what to get...a legacy? A soho? I'm getting the Vermillion Signature Stripe large tote for my bday, but it doesn't look like that bag has a matching wallet in a larger size. I would prefer a wallet that's not a light color (at least not white) and that's at least as big as my french purse if not a little bigger. What would you ladies get? I'm actually paying retail for this one, unheard of for me, so I want to make sure I make the right decision!

    To give you an idea of my collection (I've gotta photograph it, I'm so behind!), recent purchases include:

    -Coach signature soft duffle in beige signature/dark brown suede
    -Coach hamptons east west duffle in black leather (from last year)
    -Coach hamptons carryall in red leather
    -Coach mini signature buckle flap hobo in a caramel color ( a little older)
    -Coach vermillion signature stripe tote

    My most recent baby is the kate spade siena hadley tote,

    It's such a fun bag!

    Thanks for the advice, ladies!
  2. I like smaller I'm no help . Good luck!
  3. i love the 6k11 with patent leather trim. its a french wallet though. so the size may be too small for you.

    and if it's with coach, the bigger, or next size, would be the slim envelopes, checkbook wallets, or zip around.

    i have the hampton's signature black slim envelope and i love it. it never goes out of style (got mine for 198 three years ago..or was it 188, i forget) and you can use it like a clutch under your arm.

    black goes great with everything, there are two compartments inside seperated by a coin purse thing, and i use the smaller one in front for bills, cuz i don't carry much, and the larger one i fit my checkbook in there when i need it, but for most part it's reciepts since i'm a shopaholic :P and it has about 12 cc holders, which i never really fill up anyways, but its great if your an addict to starbucks (pple always give me the cards)

    however, if your not shy or hesitant to go for a more colorful wallet then i'd get the embossed red one, i believe it only comes in checkbook size but i'm not 100% sure - because red goes with everything (color-wise) you listed up there. brown, black, and vermillion.

    good luck choosing one!
  4. I got a red wallet today that will match most of my Coach bags. It is a Liz Claiborne and it is cute enough, but when I cut the tags off, I noticed it has a manufactured smell. I really prefer the Coach wallets. They always smell good.
  5. If you want something bigger, you could get a Coach signature checkbook wallet. Those are really cute and big enough for wallet-y stuff!
  6. Why don't you choose a signature print wristlet? It mostly goes with everything. The soho ones are also very neutral.
  7. Have you considered an accordion wallet? I bought one a couple years ago or so and haven't considered a different style since. It's a nice size and holds a lot (including a checkbook if you want) but yet it doesn't take up too much room.
  8. The signature stripe line does have a larger's the accordian style and they also have a small wallet too. Look at coach will see it and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.
  9. I love my Dooney AWL Large Double Zip organizer in saddle.

    I just bought the Legacy envelope wallet and am having a hard time giving up my Dooney. I just bought a wristlet to hold some of my stuff from my wallet.
  10. Thanks so much for the suggestions, ladies! I ended up selecting the world's most boring wallet in spite of all the great advice. It looks just like this except it has a black leather interior instead of vachetta:

    eBay: NEW COACH BLACK SOHO LEATHER CLUTCH WALLET #3487 (item 230038856874 end time Oct-21-06 07:13:41 PDT)

    I figured that with the amount of abuse it will suffer in my school bag that a black leather wallet was best. The leather on this one is really nice too. I'd love to get a fancier wallet eventually, but this one works well for now!
  11. Hi, just an FYI..I have this wallet and it scuffs really easily, I have only had it for two months and I am not thrilled at all. The edges wore off just by looking at it!! Just something to think about:smile::smile:
  12. ^^^Really, that is troublesome...thanks for the warning! I like the wallet so far, no scuffs at all, but it's only been a few weeks. Maybe I'll surf around a little bit more and see if I can find another.
  13. ^^I would go with one of the slim envelopes, especially since your a student, and always on the go, there are days that you just want to dump everything in your car, and just I dont know go to starbucks and unwind or something, or shop! For this exact purpose instead of getting a bag I got the MJ clutch, so i can use it as a wallet and a clutch, pop my cell and when I get my nano, and I'm good to go. If you get the envelope its like your also adding a small handbag for your collection, very versitile.