Please, read this before purchase on ebay

  1. As I ever see a seller on eBay showing a receipt of 1,095 for a Chanel bag which worth only 895 pounds in retail so I wanna share my experience with you guys. You shouldn't have to pay extra $$$ for a bag which price exceeds retail.

    Some sellers sell used bag as new and the price is equally to the new one.

    Please, check the retail before placing any bids. Receipts can find anywhere and it worth nothing to me.

    I hope my info. may help ;)
  2. Thanks for the info...

  3. Please remember that designers do not wholesale to eBay seller therefore genuine ellers of authentic bags on eBay have bought them at retail price then they have to pay ebay list and final value fees & will lose a percentage of the money that they got for the bag when money is received through Paypal with their fees. The bottom line is that a genuine seller on ebay will have to charge more than the stores. People will pay this for bags that they cannot access it does not mean that you are being scammed by the seller. I would be more worried by sellers that advertise authentic bags at less than the retail price. I mean who in their right minds will buy a bag & advertise it on ebay to lose money?
    I certainly do not approve of sellers who advertise used bags as new!
  4. Remember that this case bag cost 865 but seller show the receipt of 1095! Is this a reasonable price???
  5. You just have to be an educated buyer. Know retail prices, yes, but understand that a rare / older bag that is still in high demand, or a new but sold out bag will likely go for more than retail. It's up to the buyer if they're willing to pay the seller's prices.
  6. Also sometimes a bag is discontinued or hard to find. The market will determine how much the going rate for a bag is.

    It helps if you know what you are looking for and the retail price of items you are interested in. An educated consumer is a great thing.
  7. I bought a bag and now I am selling it on ebay at discount. Why? I want to to be able to sell it. I'd rather sell it at a lost than letting it sitting in my closet. And listing it at a low price is to attract bidders as well.

    There is a reason for everything.

  8. I agree. Maybe when I get a little better at controlling my spending I might be able to keep everything I buy and not worry about having to let them go. :rolleyes:
  9. Mmmm I do agree with the listing fees etc but its those sellers that put wayyy more on their listings and I think thats not right. I mean its not going to cost an extra $200 for fees and listings is it. I think some of these people are out to rip off people at times. I always lists my bags at a reduced price as I would rather sell something just below retail than get nothing.
  10. Also, if it wasnt for the sellers on Ebay, us legitimate, crazy about fashion buyers, would be able to walk into a store, purchase our item for the price that the designer determined it should be, and still have a receipt, returns policy and the peace of mind that we should be afforded when spending this amount of money.

    As I have said before, thankfully, the days of not being able to get on a wait list for a bag that you want, are over, nobody is going to be able to make money out of selling bags on ebay for much longer, and hallaluah to that!.

    Another thing that annoys me about some ebay sellers is that they play on insecurities of others by saying, buy from me a MPRS or whatever, as if this gives some kind of guarantee. The only guarantee we need is to buy from a store where we know 100% that it is an authentic product, not one that has been picked up with the express intention of making extra money from people that pay quite enough already.

    Rant over, im done ;)

  11. Some sellers only have ebay as a source of income, eg. retirees or SAHMs, so if they list for $200 more, it's to cover ebay/paypal fees as well as earn a little income for themselves and their families. It's an honest way of making a living, so I wouldn't consider that ripping people off. And why would anyone willingly pay $200 above retail? It's the supply and demand reason which others have already pointed out above. In a way, it's like property agents who earn a % commission for each property (which is waaaay more than just $200). What have they contributed except time and effort in hunting for you and bringing you to a property that you want to buy?
  12. yea, great to bring up the point that high end retailers don't 'wholesale' things out 'dirt cheap'
  13. sorry Peppy

    I don't mean to offend anyone and certainly those people whose business is ebay but I do think like Chloe Babe said if there are sellers (and I am not saying everyone is - you can tell though who when on ebay) who go out and buy 10 of the bags that everyone wants then I wouldn't have to pay in excess of the retail as there would be loads around to buy myself.

    Just my thoughts but heh I always like a bargain so I do all the groundwork myself.
  14. Yes but Peppy, now that thankfully lots of even high end items go on sale at alot of designer stores, you could be left with items that you paid full price on, and that you will not make any money on. I have lost count of the times that I have seen regular sellers listing bags that they have dropped to retail price and still not selling, as we can source them cheaper in a matter of months after they go on sale. So its not a guaranteed way of making any money any more! by the time you have listed, relisted, taken photo's answered a million questions from every chinese fake agent on ebay, is it worth it!

    Its not is it :biggrin:
  15. Unfortunately for the honest good sellers the a also a cesspool of slimy sellers too.