Please, please, please, help me! Calling all Westfield Topanga Shoppers!


is at a crossroads..
Sep 29, 2006
For all of the guys and girls that shop at or live around Canoga Park, CA, I need a huge favor. I'm a daily participant of mainly the LV section but I need help with getting a Christmas present for my boyfriend (it's a surprise so I can't ask for his help :P).

I'm sure many of you know or have seen the LRG Dead Serious Hoodie with the glow-in-the-dark skeleton print and full-length zipper. Anyway, it's super popular because Kanye West wore it to a recent Stella McCartney fashion show and other celebrities have been seen wearing it as well. I found out about it three weeks ago but it was released in early November and only 8,000 were produced. And since I live in Northern California, I can't find it up here at all. This is why I need the help of someone in Southern California! All of my friends are back home from college and I don't really know anyone that lives down in SoCal. But I just realized, JIMMY if you see this then maybe you can send me an e-mail and help me?! :smile:

I called Against All Odds in Topanga Mall and I have it on hold for 24 hours. They require that a person buys something else from LRG that is at least $100 and the hoodie itself is $110. I can send a check or do PayPal, whatever works for you. And if you feel hesitant to help because you need confirmation of whether or not I'm a real and honest person, please ask users: elle and mello_yello_jen. They've been members for longer than me, although I was a member of LVLU and I have an eBay account as well (same username, feel free to look me up). Oh-- or you can list an auction just for me and I could pay for it that way as well. I called all of the Against All Odds stores in my area and spoke to many people who said that they do not do charge sends and can't ship store to store. It's very inconvenient and I have no time or means of flying or driving down to SoCal in 24 hours. Between work and school, there is no way for me to get there.

Alright, I don't think I've left anything out. So, if anyone can help me with this, I would be more than grateful and I don't really have any incentives to offer seeing as I'm just a full-time college student at San Jose State and part-time seasonal Macy*s employee. I'm just going to post this in the hopes that the holiday spirit and the apparent kindness of the members in this community will be able to help me get this present for my boyfriend. Thank you all so much :smile: