Please please please help: Chanel SAs with email addresses

  1. I have been DYING for a Chanel reissue in either gray or black, dark silver will do too, size 226, but I don't live in the US! Anyone can share their nice SA's email address so I can try and locate one? Would really reaally appreciate the help, pl PM me. Thanks a bunch!!!! :heart:
  2. ChanelBoy on this forum works for Chanel inside Nordstrom at Mall of America. But I do not know if they ship international. You can try to send a private message to him to find out. When you do the purchase, you have to call in, i do not think they can take email order. So you have to call at some point..

    Hope it helps!
  3. CHANELboy has said in the past that they do ship internationally for a $40 fee if Im not mistaken.
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  5. All the USA department stores, such as NM, Saks, Nordstrom, BG etc. ship internationally. U can call the stores and ask for a Chanel SA to assist u.
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  7. Thanks a lot gals!! Wish me luck with the reissue hunt!