Please, please let me know if you see a Gold Miroir Lockit!

  1. My SA forgot to put me down on the waitlist for the gold miroir lockit (either that or she only remembered when I went in to look at the LVOE 2 totes :cursing:) and "they all have been spoken for" :crybaby:

    Please, pleaseeeee let me know if you're passing on your gold lockit or if you see one for sale anywhere. Thanks!!

  2. After calling a dozen stores and being told that it's "waitlist only and all stores are like this" (I'm so tempted to call them back and be like, I GOT ONE!!), I found a gold one!!

    I also put my names on a dozen other waitlist for the gold so if anyone wants a gold, let me know and I'll let you know if they call me about it.

  3. I'm glad that you found a gold lockit!! I wait listed at four different LV stores across the US for my gold lockit, but only one store was able to come through for me. I learned my lesson the hard way from the last Miroir release in December, where after being promised that I'd get a silver speedy for sure from this one particular LV store (I'd only wait listed for the Speedy at this store based on their promise), I ended up not getting a silver speedy...GRRRR. Thanks to the assistance of a forum member from another purse board that I'm a member of, I was eventually able to procure a silver speedy a few days later that month.
  4. ^ next time I desperately want something, I'm definitely going to waitlist at more stores. what a disappointment from my usual store and SA though.

    But dang! I cant believe you waitlisted at 4 different stores and only one came through! I'm so glad you got your gold though, gorgeoussss! And I'm glad you got your silver speedy too, i love forum members!
  5. I'm so glad that we were both fortunate enough to get a gold lockit. Yes, it always pays off to wait list at more than one LV store. This time around, the gold lockits are much harder to come by as it seems that the silver lockits were more readily available as opposed to the gold. One of the LV stores that I wait listed at only received three of the Miroir lockits: two silver and one gold. I've also heard that some of the smaller LV stores never received any of the Miroir lockits at all.
  6. Congrats both of you!
  7. Like most of the stores in Canada!
  8. expy00 - yea, the manager at the store I was suppose to be waitlisted at told me that the gold was scarce. yay for us!!

    thanks kaiieCHANEL! how you liking yours?!

    aww it's ok Karman! at least you got your LVOE, YAY!
  9. Congrats you got one after that dilemma! :yahoo:
  10. Oh YAY Jen!! I'm happy you found one!!
  11. thanks TFFC and luvpurses!!! :nuts:
  12. Someone selling on eBay now.
    Search by keyword : lockit :sweatdrop:
  13. I'm glad you got one Jen! I read about your probs on another post. Your bag collection is pretty droolworthy, if I recall correctly. I'll admit that the miroir lockits have grown on me slowly, although I could never justify spending that much on a bag I could carry only once in a while on days off.
  14. Congrats Jen~ and Kaiie what are your thoughts now (hasn't it been several days?)

  15. ummm....can you give me some more clues?