Please please help me decide

  1. I am a green girl...I think this is because i am really a tree...:smile: so I am having the hardest time deciding between the emerald quilted Mischa bag..and the emerald flap bag..Please help me quick... the Mischa is regular price about 8 or 900 and the flap is on sale at 574 or something like that...HELP....:shrugs: maggie
  2. I prefer the Mischa, but these bags are incredibly different, so I guess it depends on what you'd use it for.
    That's a good price for a flap bag! :P
  3. I'm not sure what the flap bag looks like... nothing is coming to mind, but I remember the Mischa was cute. Do you have photo of the flap bag somewhere, or a link?
  4. The flap bag may be the Kira? With the turnlock in the front? I remember it came in Jade.
  5. Do you mean this bag?
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