Please keep an eye out for me

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  1. I fell in love with the 70mm no.prives that were posted yesterday in all those bergdorf pics. I got in touch with them and they dont have my size (40). I am so sad:sad: can u girls please keep an eye out for me and if u see them anywhere or any other fun color in very prives/ no. prives in a 70mm please let me know.

  2. Will do Angelie! I owe ya one. ;) And you're in luck, I am going to all the retailers in SF today. However, I probably won't get online to later tonight. PM me your cell if you want me to contact you earlier.
  3. awww ur so sweet i will pm u my cell in case u c them and i want them before they run out.
  4. yes i checcked and they dont have it:sad:
  5. I noticed you're in Vancouver--Holt's had that style recently--have you tried there?
  6. Just had another thought--their website is very out of date, but try emailing David's in Toronto. It's worth a try! (
  7. thanks i will try both but holts didnt have that color 2 weeks back but maybe they got it who knows. thanks
  8. I will keep an eye out. Good luck, I know you will eventually get them, if you don't mind waiting.
  9. Certainly! I'm sure you will be able to find something.
  10. Check with a Holt's SA. They may be able to order them for you.
  11. they can order stuff???
  12. Here in Edmonton, they can. We're a small market so we don't get a lot of the merchandise that Vancouver or Montreal or Toronto gets. There's a binder here that you can look at and order what's available. Back when the shoe department was Brown's (and it's still probably true today), if you saw a shoe in a magazine that you liked, you could bring in a picture and they can check their system to see if they can order it for you. It was likely that one of the bigger stores had it. And they have an online system where they can see where a shoe in your size is and get it for you. I'm a 6 so if there's a shoe I like, they can see if it's anywhere and get it for me.

    Maybe I just get good service.

    I have my eye on a pair of YSL sandals (the ones with the stars but not the $1000+ ones - there's a less expensive pair at $575), and a pair of Jonathan Kelsey? metallic blue pumps.
  13. What color are you looking for?
  14. oh thats cool i will call the edmonton store cuz van does not have them.

    Snowwhite i am looking for yellow or any bright patent but not red.