Please ID this BV - Style, Color, Age - Post here!

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  1. Thanks for your input! Now that I look at the picture again, I can see the gray on the bottom one also (shadow), which coincides with Von’s insight. The top is the keychain which I’m trying to figure out color. Zipper fabric seems brownish, so that’s more proof that it’s probably steel
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  2. Hi all!

    Does anyone know what this cute bag is called, what season it’s from, the colour and approximate retail price?

    Many thanks!!

    IMG_1683.JPG IMG_1684.JPG
  3. I don't think I've seen this bag before, but it looks like Glicine which would be Fall 2017. :flowers:
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  4. Oh my gosh, a BV @V0N1B2 hasn’t seen before??! That’s unheard of :smile: Thanks so much, lovely! :flowers:
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  5. Well, I'm still at HQ shaking hands and kissing babies, so it's possible there might be something in my BV library at home - I'll have a look later. :lol:
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  6. Thanks so much beautiful!!
  7. I found your bag. It's the Mezzaluna Bag from Spring 2017 and it retailed for $4,350 and later went to the outlets for $1,829. :flowers:
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  8. Woot!!! You are too good, V0N1B2!!! How did you find all this info?? Amazing!!! Thanks so much, beautiful!!!!!!! I think I’m going to get it
  9. IMG_2385.JPG IMG_2385.JPG fullsizeoutput_a59.jpeg

    I think this is quite an old bag, took a punt, and bought it from the charity shop- other than that I know nothing, I have never had a BV, started with Choo, then onto Chloe and Bal - and finally Chanel and LV. It is quite worn on the piping, but I like it, and I have cleaned it up, and nourished the leather.
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  10. The information needed to ID the bag would be found on the authenticity tag in the interior pocket.
    Looking at the pictures though, it looks like a "New" Ball (2nd generation) in... Limo? It would be from around 2007-ish?
    Would need to see a better picture of the heatstamp and authenticity tag before confirming ID and/or authenticity. :flowers:
  11. Thank you so much! I can't find a tag in the inside pocket.... could it have been removed easily? Or possibly it's not a genuine BV.
  12. I mentioned the heatstamp because the one pictured is not what/where I would expect to see on a Ball Bag.
    There is an authenticity tag in every genuine BV bag. The one for this bag should be sewn into the (right) side seam of the zippered pocket. They are sewn in - not easily detached.
    @septembersiren would be more familiar with this bag than myself. :flowers:
  13. I thought that wasn't true for vintage. My authenticated bag, I think from the 90s, doesn't have one. Not that a Ball bag is vintage.
  14. This is the ball bag
  15. It depends on what reincarnation this ball bag is
    I agree with VON that the heat stamp is in a weird place
    The authenticity tag would either be sewn into 1 of 3 places
    Inside zipper pocket
    Inside the pouch that came with the ball bag
    Or in the bottom of the bag
    This is not the classic ball bag
    And it would be helpful to see the hardware
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