Please ID this BV - Style, Color, Age - Post here!

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  1. Well, I finally found it, the screen shot I’d done back in June 2017, and it shows the price, and the two colors - Black and Cameo.

  2. Does anyone recognize these two bags? The first I believe is a python Sloane but I don’t know from which season. The second, I don’t know anything about. Thanks for the help gals!
    56140A13-C08F-4231-A6E4-8141D2922CE0.png A327A219-5075-49BF-99C8-2F0D1C7D58C4.png
  3. I am unable to determine any information on this handbag after hours searching on the web. It is about 15" long and 8" wide, and appears to be snakeskin. Can anyone help me please? Will be much appreciated. jc

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  4. Paging @V0N1B2 ...I saw in a thread that you mentioned the knot hobo came in two sizes. The one I'm referring to has a pebbled appearance and is intentionally distressed. No intrecciato. I've gone through the reference section but regrettably most of the pics have disappeared. Would you happen to know the dimensions? They list the one I'm looking at as 19" in width and I've seen one on eBay listed as 16" but I don't know if these are correct or if people's measurements are approximate...TIA! EDIT: Both bags list the same strap drop and same depth of the bag.
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  6. Tried google, not that much info that I could find on this specific leather finish.
  7. It looks like a Python Duette Bag.
    From the colours, I’d guess around 2004. The interior authenticity tag may be able to shed some light as to more information. :flowers:
  8. The information fir the Python Sloane will be on the authenticity tag.
    The other bag is from probably somewhere around Fall 2013.
  9. Are you talking about this bag?
  10. Same style but no Intrecciato and intentionally distressed.
    93ef0f9ae16a3c34094c1179b12c8160_xlarge (1).jpg
  11. Here is a pic of the tag. I don’t see a year on it. Is it encoded?


  12. I’m of no help with this, sorry :flowers:
    Hopefully one of the other ladies can make an ID.
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  13. Good morning, good people of the BV threads,
    If anyone can place this hobo to its year and season, that'll be great.
    Am including a shot of the tag if it's any use at all.
    My thanks.
    q1.PNG q2.PNG
  14. It’s from 2004 I think but I don’t know the name of the treatment. Sorry :flowers:
  15. My thanks, Von
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