Please hold me..

  1. So I waited days for this, so excited to finally get the scarf I wanted. And then the package came, opened it and.. it´s not the scarf I ordered! Not even in the same colourway! I´m so dissapointed:crybaby: Anyone else had a similar downer?
  2. (((((hugs))))))

    So sorry.......
    I hope you can get this fixed soon!
  3. Eeek - poor Nola.....

    Have they just sent you the wrong scarf or did you buy the wrong scarf IFKWIM?
  4. Oh pooh, that must have been so disappointing. I hope you get the right one soon :heart:
  5. ^^ Hey hi chicky *waves* haven't seen you around much!
  6. oh, what a bummer :sad: That's so maddening, especially after waiting and waiting... Hope you'll get it sorted out easily and swiftly!
  7. Hey Handy! (oooops now that sounds so dirty thanks to Cobalt and the grouchy gang :roflmfao:)
  8. lol - good to see you back :tup:
  9. Nola...what sad for you....
  10. Yes I know what you mean. I ordered the one I wanted, even went back to see if I had written it correctly, yes I have and still I was sent a totally different scarf. The manager replied me. I just hope they have the one I actually ordered..
  11. Arrggh - me too. Poor you :flowers:
  12. awww poor nola Hugs [​IMG]
  13. Poor Nola. Hope the mgr can sort this out for you soon.
  14. The manager asked me to return the scarf and will credit me the postage after that. The scarf I want, Cheval de Caractére is not even at the store yet, and they don´t have dates to give me. The shipping is also mighty annoying if I have to post it via a courier like it came. I´m so dissapointed I just want to cancel the order and try another boutique. Ruined the whole experience for me.
  15. I can imagine but maybe they'll make it up to you if you complain err..loudly but politely ;)

    P.S. Thanks Handy, it's good to be back!