please help!!!


Aug 23, 2009
New York, NY
hi all... so i finally did my first bbag purchase....yay!! :yahoo: but it seems that i am still torned... ive been eyeing for a blue bag for quite when i went to the store to get my first balenciaga, i already knew that i will be a City girl, but my eyes could not resist the outremer color in first...and so i ended up buying that instead... i love the color and all but still i cannot take my mind off GC in ardoise.... please help me decide ladies, my hubby said to keep the outremer, he said that it stands out and more "like me" meaning, fits my personality very well... he said the ardoise looks ordinary but i loooove the ardoise in please help me....


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
Get what you love. The First is a bit too small for everyday and you may regret the purchase after some time with it.

Also, please don't post comments in the "Photos wearing your bbags thread that states ***PICTURES ONLY***". There is a comments thread specifically set up for that purpose, where you can comment on members and their bags. :biggrin: