please help!

  1. My friend asked me to buy a bottega veneta wallet for her, but she changed her mind.
    I already bought the wallet, and it cannot be refunded in form of money (only in store credit)
    If any of you live in Boston or near the area, and wanted to buy anything from bottega boutique (available in Natick Collection mall), please help!

  2. did you try to explain what happened to the sa's at bottega? they are usually pretty understanding and may be willing to bend the rules. anyway it's worth a try. good luck.
  3. Maybe I don't know all the circumstances, but this is your friend's problem, not yours. She owes you the money and she can figure out what to do with the wallet. Changing her mind shouldn't mean you have to solve her problem.
  4. exactly! but the store credit cannot be used in indonesia (thats where she lives) so...yeah.. i'm helping her too i guess..
  5. My suggestion... lose the friend, keep the wallet!!