please help!!

  1. this is not neccessarily BBag specific, but i know you guys are the best at issues like this. i have a leather. one of the handles has become slightly discoloured. a little while after i started using the bag, i noticed the handle started to look a bit dry, almost scaley, so i slathered some leather care moisturizer on it, at least a couple of times. no difference. its strange, because the colour of the handle is almost turning greenish. anyone have any ideas of what i could do, or maybe some super products out there that would fix it? this bag is still fairly new, and its one of my favourites, so i dont want to part with it over something like this. please help!:crybaby:
  2. :shrugs:
    I am clueless on how to remedy this, but maybe you could email Lovin My Bags website and see what they think. Here's a link........
  3. I know some people have had their bags redyed by a professional leather cleaner... it sounds like this would be your only option, because if the black leather turns green that probably means it is losing dye.

    you can also ask artbag, if you don't know a place near you: