PLEASE help with Balenciaga color choice

  1. I just got a call from my NM SA and she has both the black medium city and the white medium city:nuts: . I want to get the white one but am also on the lwait list for the Dior Gaucho in the medium:love: . I really do not need two white bags, do I? Thanks.
  2. Get the black -- it's a classic and you won't have to worry about dirtying it.
  3. If you're on the waitlist for the white Gaucho, get the black Balenciaga.
  4. thanks
  5. ok. so I am going to pick it up the blAck one tommorrow. I can't wait. It will be my firs Balenciaga.
  6. Get the black Balenciaga and the Dior Gaucho. I'm getting a black Bbag this weekend too! So excited! Post pics of your Gaucho when you get it!!!
  7. sorry for typo :-/
  8. I plan to get the single medium Gaucho, but my SA at BG is so sweet, she put me on the list for both th single and the double so I can decided later. That sure does take the pressure off.
    I will certainly post pictures. can't wait.
  9. weeeee heeeeee black b bag :smile:
  10. I agree white Gaucho and black Balenciaga. Those are two bags I would LOVE to have!
  11. Yes, black b-bag.
  12. Good choice with the black b-bag!
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