Please help! van Cleef & Arpels alhambra byzantine necklace

  1. I have a problem because I've never seen the Alhambra byzantine necklace in real life and we just have one jewellery shop in Germany which sells vC&A but unfortunately not in my city. DH will be in the US in 2 weeks and could bring back this beautiful necklace for me (it's about 300-400€ cheaper in the US).
    My question is if someone of you lovely ladies, who owns this or a similar Alhambra necklace (with one clover) could show some modelling pics so that I get the idea of how it looks IRL.
    Is the necklace(not the charm) a very fine and thin one or is it thicker?
    I'm 1,65m and 120 pounds so I'm not super skinny more of the voloptious type with female curves.
    I really appreciate your help!!:yes:
  2. Does someone know the exact price for this after the price increase?
  3. I would call the store closest to you and have them send you a catalog from Van cleef and Arpels. This will help you pick out a piece that best fits your body type. Most of their pieces have thin chains, and the motifs (clovers) come in differents sizes and colors. Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks Triple, the catalogue is already on its way. I hope it's not the same as the pdf-file from their hp because theres no pic of the Byzantine.
  5. Tanja, is this the one you like ?
  6. Hi Tanja--

    Have you tried emailing them? I have a recent email from them with a necklace similar to the one above (only in pink gold) for $1350. I think you may need to order it in the stores; however--it was part of (but perhaps not exclusive to) a promotion to support breast cancer research.

    Not sure if this is helpful, but they said the clover itself is about the size of a nickel.
  7. Yes, VanCleef, that's the one.
    I already emailed them a couple of days ago but didn't get ananswer and I tried to call them several times on their service-line but the only thing I got was the answering machine. I will try it again tonight (the time difference).
    Thanks for your help, Urologist!
    Here this necklace costs 1350€ ( 2000$) so it's much cheaper in the US but I'm scared that I won't like it IRL and returning it to the US would be a huge hassle.
  8. anyone heard if the Byzantine collection will be discontinued??