Please help to locate e/w caviar with new chain

  1. I am now in Buffalo, and no chanel store here. Can anyone let me know if you see a E/W caviar with new chain in store?
    Please let me know which store, what color, and phone # I can contact with. I dont have regular Chanel SA.

    Is new chain long enough to carried as a messenger bag?
    All my flap is old chain and it is too short to carried as a messenger bag.:sad:

    I appreciate your helping. Thank you:heart:
    Price hike drive me crazy. :crybaby:
  2. Did u try Saks?the EGC event is next week!
    I use Damian at PA Saks(1-610-667-1550 ext 258)...u may be able to get an EGC GC Too!
    I have the jumbo with the NEW chain..I can wear it messenger too!
  3. thank you, Jill.:heart:
    Can he send it to me? Do I ask him to hold one for me until the EGC? and do I pay taxes?shipping?

  4. I thinks SAKs NYC has it...if you ask them to ship it as a gift, then the tax is usually waived.