Please help to decide a backpack

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  1. C28A807F-4673-495D-8970-B06273DFCCC5.png 38E550F6-BEDB-4364-B03B-71F4D9F2C619.png FA6F7D98-D17C-43C1-9F8E-7780160DB5EA.png FA6F7D98-D17C-43C1-9F8E-7780160DB5EA.png 8E07AD57-430F-44B7-BBC7-D236DED8C2D9.png Hello everyone
    Can you please help me to
    Choose between these styles of backpack and color

    Thank you
  2. I like the brown Junie or the blue pack pack
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  3. Sorry for the typo
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  4. Love the Rhea in olive green.
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  5. I love the olive green but just not that Rhea style. I have the traditional Rhea and my only complaint is lack of double zipper on main compartment. Good luck!
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  6. I just bought a beautiful leather MK backpack from Nordstrom Rack, and it was only $100!
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  7. Here’s my backpack, the leather is very smooshy making it so comfy to carry! 7255CDC8-C716-4E99-832F-6318B940BE70.jpeg
  8. I like the blue one
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  9. Beautiful
  10. The Junie Pebbled Leather in the light tan is my favorite style/color combination of the ones you posted. Which did you pick?
  11. I like the Junie Better. Looks more stylish and. roomie.